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EDC Everyday Carry

EDC Tactical 

Everyday carry, or EDC for short, has come to the foreground in recent years, in recognition that we all carry things around with us through the course of our days and that some of us, by profession, interest or lifestyle, carry very similar items. That common ground has become a center point for a growing community of EDC'ers. 

Many of us carry tools of our trade. Many of us carry instruments that leverage our strengths, enhance our senses or make the tasks we face easier. Some of us carry tokens that remind us of people and places. Some carry a range of defensive items items that provide security and a sense of preparedness for any eventuality. 

The communities of "everyday carry" are growing as people share photos, tips, and resources about the best, the tried and tested, or purely sharing photos and stories about their favorite items. 

The "everyday carry" community is a dynamic community with many craftsmen and women producing and creating everything from knives, to wallets, to keychains and knucks to precision instruments of exotic, state-of-the-art materials.  

Here at LifesBest, we're avid EDC'ers and enjoy the community and life-long friends we've made. We offer EDC items, just a small range, but a range of practical and affordable items. 

If there are items you'd like to see us carry, drop us a line and let us know. 

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